Evangelos Papadopoulos


Department of Mechanical Engineering
National Technical University of Athens
Heroon Polytechniou 9
15780 Zografou, Athens, GREECE

Phone: +(30) 210-772-1440
Fax: +(30) 210-772-1455
Email: egpapado@central.ntua.gr

Robotics, Dynamic Systems and Control, Mechatronics, Control of Mobile Robotic
Systems incl. Space, Forestry and Underwater Robotics, Medical Haptic Devices,
Microrobotics, Legged Robots, Training Simulators, Planning, Electrohydraulic Servo
Control, and Design.

Control Systems Lab, E. Papadopoulos Research Team

Pictures from Hardware Built and Resources

Videos from Hardware Built and Resources

Some pictures from the activities of my research group.

Past research activities at McGill University.

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