Videos from Research Projects

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Advanced Hydraulic Servocontrol

Invariant Error Motion Control.MOV (6.2 MB)

Autonomous microrobot macroscopic and microscopic motion

Autonomous microrobot (3 MB)

Plane motion (5.1 MB)

Translational and rotational motion (12.4 MB)

Linear micromotion of a micorobot carrying a needle (0.6 MB)

MiniRobot microscopic motion + needle.mp4 (1.3 MB)

Moving interference fringes.mp4 (1.7 MB)

MiRo-2-LAN.mp4 (2.7 MB) (16.1 MB) (7.0 MB)

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Planning and Control

Dynamics and Control of Underactuated Systems

EMG Exoskeleton Control

Position Drive.MOV (34.8 MB)

OdhghshKoxliaBraxiwn.MOV (50.1 MB)

OdhgKoxliaWmos.MOV (72.3 MB)

Haptics Research

UrologicalSimulator (new s/w).mov (10.3 MB) (4.8 MB) (10.3 MB)

haptic_final.mpg (6.3 MB)

Interferometric Position Sensor (300nm) (40.6 MB)

Legged Robots (1 MB)

Lego Robots (23.3 MB) (50.8 MB)


Mobile Robots (38.2 MB)

Robotic Fish Design and Control

Robotic (12.3 MB)

Robotic (8.3 MB)

Dry_experiments .mov (25.3 MB) (6.9 MB)

Sarcos Master-Slave Teleoperation (6.2 MB) (3.9 MB) (27.9 MB) (41.9 MB) (26.4 MB)

Space Robotics

Space robot (preliminary).mov (3.5 MB)

Space robot simulator (preliminary).mov (30.5 MB)


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