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WP1 Initialization, M1-M3. Literature review and computational environment preparation.

WP2 System Dynamics, M1-M13. Dynamic models of highly articulated quadruped, of sloped/ variable stiffness environments and actuator, supply & sensing systems.

WP3 Stability and Control, M4-M33. Nonlinear, robust and model-based control algorithms for system stability during gait transitions, environment discontinuities, and demanding  trajectories.

WP4 Quadruped Design, M7-M18. Sizing, CAD design, design validation by simulations.

WP5 Quadruped Development & Validation, M16-M33. Quadruped construction and experimental validation. Actuator/ sensor communication system to be finalised and built.

WP6 Experimental Studies, M24-M36. Validation of control algorithms and motion scenarios. Comparison with simulations and adjustments.

WP7 Dissemination & Training, M1-M36. Web-site, publications, press. Training of highly qualified engineers (Post-docs, Ph.D.s, M.S.).








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